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ISY-994 doesn't see RemoteLinc2 / Mini Remotes


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I just upgraded to the ISY-994, everything seems OK with the exception of my RemoteLinc 2 units (now called the Mini Remote). In particular, the 2444A2, 4 Scene RemoteLinc2.


After the upgrade the all of my Mini Remotes stopped working, by that I mean it would not control the scenes. I deleted the devices from the Network and added them back using AutoDetect, and that did not work either. I read some threads in the forum related to this topic and then manually selected the device type, and then all buttons came back, I was able to relink the scenes and one of my 2444A2’s works fine at controlling the scenes. However, in the Admin Console, the “Current State†is only properly displayed for the “A†button. The other buttons work, but the “Current State†is blank. In addition, in the scene window of the admin console, in the “Current State†section for buttons B, C and D, it does NOT reflect the status of the lights in the scene, even though the lights have been changed to the proper state by pressing the Mini Remote button. If I do a QUERY, then the Current State changes accordingly. Bottom Line: only the A button seems to be operating as expected with respect to the “Current State†window in the Admin Console.



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