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Mobilinc connection to ISY


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i am trying to set up moblilinc on my iphone 5. how can i determine if the mobillinc connect portal is enabled on my isy994i. when i try to open the mobilinc app on my iphone i am asked for a pw. when i enter the pw i use to log on my administrative console i get a message that my pw is incorrect. was there a special mobilinc module a was supposed to purchase to use with with my isy.

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If you want to use the mobilinc connect service you have to buy / install the mobilinc module which I think is $1.00. You can open up the ISY admin console and help -> about to see the list of modules.

If you installed it will be listed.


Thanks for the help.

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Also, MobiLinc connect is a subscription service. After the trial period, you will have to buy it to continue using it.


That being said, its not required (unless you intend to use the geolocation features of it on IOS). As an alternative you need to set up SSL, port forwarding and dynamic DNS.


For many, having the MobiLinc Connect subscription is worth while for this reason - others like the additional features you get with it. I just didn't want you to be surprised when you get the popup asking you to pay for the subscription.

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