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insteon intergrators in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area


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I have been told that I have 1050 links on the PLM (?).......the Smarthome PLM maximum is 1000 links and really needs to have about 700 links to run effectively.......even though I remove some of the scenes I will still have way more than what is acceptable.....a proposed solution was to install antoher universal device box and split the links, however, this will now require the 2 universal boxes to communicate to one another......

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First, are you sure you have that many links? You have to run the show/count links multiple times and receive the exact same result several times to be sure. Any Insteon traffic reaching the PLM during the show links process will reset the link pointer and throw off the count high or low. Best to do this at a time of day when nothing is happening on the Insteon network. Disable motion sensors by covering them if necessary.


And if you have added and removed devices and scenes over time, a percentage of the links in the PLM may be deleted and could be compressed out with a restore PLM.



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The 2413 PLM supports a maximum of 992 link records. A count of 1050 is the result of what Xathros has already mentioned, any Insteon traffic reaching the PLM during the Show PLM Links Table processing will produce a false high or low count. As Xathros has described, run the Show PLM Links Table/Count several times until the same number is obtained on multiple runs. No Insteon traffic must reach the PLM during the Show PLM execution.


Also as Xathros has indicated, a PLM will accumulate duplicate and no longer used link records. A Restore Modem (PLM) will compress out these records leaving only active records. This should be done before running the Show PLM function. It is possible the PLM link record count is not an issue.

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