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Using 3 way switches in scenes and programs


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I'm fairly new to this and have successfully installed about 30 INSTEON devices working quite well with an ISY. Now that I have the basics, I am trying to tune several KPL-triggered scenes and try more advanced programming techniques. I'm very confused, however, on the best way to handle a 3-way lighting controller. One switch is the main button on an 8-button panel, and the other switch is a normal INSTEON dimmer. I followed the instructions for 3-way installations and have no problem with either button controlling the light. They are both cross-linked, meaning the ISY shows each as a controller and a responder to a new scene I created just for this light.


My question is how should I add this light to a scene where I want the light as a component? I cannot to my knowledge add this 3-way scene to another scene.


Thanks for your guidance!

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Correct, a Scene cannot be added to another Scene.


If adding anther Controller simply add the new Controller to the existing Scene


KPL button - Controller

SwitchLinc - Controller

new device - Controller


If the KPL should turn On/Off from the new Controller but the KPL should not control the new Controller


new device - Controller

KPL button - Responder

SwitchLinc - Responder


The KPL button and SwitchLinc are Responders so these two devices stay in sync.


If neither matches the desired results please expand on what is required.

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