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Can't update 99ir Pro

Jay M

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Ever since they day I've owned it, I've never been able to update the firmware.


It wasn't a problem when it was new, but now there are too many devices that the old firmware doesn't support.


I decided to purchase a new 994ir Pro, but as I understand it, the backup of version 2 of the 99i can't be imported to the new controller.


What are my options? I'm assuming that the 99i is defective because I have tried, over the course of many years, using different computers and different operating systems. I always get the same problem, it just locks up while it tries to update. Thankfully it never killed the 99i, it just can't be updated.


Should I just start from scratch? How many hours of screwing around with the 99i should I invest, only to move to a 994? Would those hours be better spent with a clean slate on the 994?




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