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motion detector setup question


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i have enabled the motion detector to allow timeout changes by software only by connecting jumper 4 to both pins. my understanding that by doing so it does not matter what the internal pots are set at. The timeout and dusk/dawn will be controlled by software settings and will override whatever the pots are set at. is that correct?.

my question is

how do i now program the timeout using the ISY. i installed the device and three devices appeared( motion detector dusk dawn; motion detector low battery, and motion detector sensor} i tried clicking the "options button" on the "motion detector sensor" and setting the time out to 5 minutes but nothing changes. do i have to hold the set button on the device while i click OK. when do i release the set button to stop the blinking. do i have to do this for all three (sensor; low battery; and dusk/dawn)?


Thanks for any guidance i get to better understand the programing of the motion detector.

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Jumper 5 has to be set to enable software setting of the options.


Put the motion sensor into linking mode using Motion Sensor set button, just as when adding the motion Sensor to the ISY. Click the Options button and set the options as desired. There is only one set of options.

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