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Problem with 8 button Keypad 2334-222


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I recently replaced a 8 button Inseton keypad 2486 with the new Insteon 8 button keypad 2334-222 because the LED's would not illuminate despite setting the LED brightness level to 15 in the ISY admin console. I have since spent some time searching the forum and investigating the symptoms of this problem. The interesting part is that button A is assigned as a controller for a floor light which is set at a "on level" of 98% (to reduce voltage to light and save the bulb a bit). When I set the LED brightness for the keypad in the admin console to 15 and operate button A the LED comes on when pressed and goes off when pressed again, just as is should. I operated it multiple times and the LED comes on and off just as it should. Now Button B is assigned as a controller for a scene called "Movie Scene" the "Movie Scene" turns on two lights, both at 24% when I FIRST press button B after changing the brightness level in the admin console the LED backlight and the "Movie Scene" is activated, a second press turns off the "Movie Scene", the two lights and the LED backlight...now pressing it a third time activates the "Movie Scene" and the two lights but the LED backlight for Button B does NOT illuminate. Furthermore, when I return to the Admin Console to check the LED brightness it has reset to 0 for all buttons. I have done this several times (reset in Admin Console, press B button three times, LED Brightness resets to 0). I'm stuck, this functionality used to work with my old 8 button 2486 but when the 2486 quit working I replaced it with the new 2334-222 and the problem persists. What has changed? anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help!

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First, the Backlight level cannot be set for individual buttons. Setting a Backlight value applies to all buttons. The newer devices use Backlight value as a % On rather than an Off/On value. An Off/On setting of 7/15 (0x7F) is 100% On. An Off/On value of 3/15 (0x3F) is approx 50% On level. An Off/On value of 0/0 turns the button LEDs completely Off. It does not logically turn the button Off, only the LEDs Off for those who want a dark KPL at night. Going from 0/0 to 7/15 will turn the LEDs back to the previous button LED On/Off state. That is, a button LED that was On before going to 0/0 will be On when going back to 7/15.

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LeeG, thanks for your quick response. I did set the KPL to 7/15 using the admin console and in the OFF state all the buttons were lit. I pressed the "Movie Scene" which is on button B a couple of times and all the KPL buttons turned off and stayed off. Returning to the Admin Console I found that the LED Brightness was back to 0/0. I then reset it to 7/15 using the admin console and again found all buttons lit. I repeatedly pressed the "A" button (100% floor light on) and all the buttons stayed lit. I then pressed the "B" button and all the buttons went dark, returning to the admin console I found the LED Brightness in the Admin Console to be reset to 0/0. I don't understand what is resetting the LED brightness and why the brightness will not hold in the KPL, any ideas?

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This sure sounds abnormal to me. Have you checked the keypad manual to determine how to manually set the backlight levels? Does it involve button B somehow? I wonder is there is some failure or stuck button on the keypad that is causing this.

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I did play with trying to manually set the backlight level, involves tapping the C and F buttons and holing the A (or on button). I can set them locally but have the same issue. Wondering if the scene assigned to be toggled by button B has anything to do with this issue? the Button assigned to Scene B turns on two room lights at 24%. I'm stuck, any help appreciated.

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