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Irrigation Question


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I want to start by thanking everybody for the help you have given me on the setup of my new system. You all have been a huge help! I could not have done any of it without your help and support for my Q and A's


I think I have a cool advantage over other people with irrigation meaning my other hobby (yes this is just a hobby) is a Davis weather station that sits 33' in the air in my own back yard. That being said I'll throw out a shameless plug of my personal web site that this weather station feeds data too and that site is http://muskogeeweather.com.


I do have the irrigation and the climate module on my ISY and I am using the data feed from weatherbug that pulls from my own back yard.


Now onto my question, I want to use this data to make my sprinkler system the absolute smartest in the land. Meaning if it is raining I don't want it to water, if it's watering and it starts raining I want it to stop, if it is supposed to rain and DOES not I would like for it to over-water etc...


This might be high hopes for this system but i'm confident we can add most if not all of this functionality with YOUR help. So that being said below is my simple program that I'm running right now. Would you all care to assist me in making it rock? Please :lol:


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



Time is Sunrise - 1 hour

And Module 'Climate' Irrigation Requirement >= 0.5 inches



Set 'H2O Controls / Zone 1 Sprinkler' On

Wait 15 minutes

Set 'H2O Controls / Zone 2 Sprinkler' On

Wait 15 minutes

Set 'H2O Controls / Zone 3 Sprinkler' On

Wait 15 minutes

Set 'H2O Controls / Zone 4 Sprinklers' On

Wait 10 minutes

Set 'H2O Controls / Zone 5 Sprinklers' On



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

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I am also planning to have my ISY takeover irrigation, but I'm waiting for v5.0. The current version only support integers for variables (no decimals), does not let you store node values in a variable, and you can't do math on variables. Seems to me that makes a more sophisticated analysis for irrigation at least difficult if not impossible.


Hopefully it will be out in a month or two.

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As a start, how about adding:

If Module 'Climate' Rain rate is not 0

Then it will not start watering if it is currently raining.


cmccartney this is PERFECT and exactly the type of answers I am looking for. Thank you so much for adding that line!!!


Anyone else have anything to add?


Thanks a million!



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