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Is there a way to create a status only (virtual) device that shows up in My Lighting? For example, in HomeSeer, which I now only use for its access to forecast data, I have a bunch of virtual X10 devices using house code "z" (and others above "P"). I tried doing this with ISY (I have the X10 module) but it doesn't work. The first time I tried (using "z1") I got an error message and the next two times (using "X1") nothing happened - no message and no device created. Yes, I know I could create a device with a valid X10 address but I'd rather not add unneeded "noise" to my power line if I can avoid it.


Ultimately, I'm looking to set a device linked to a variable (0 or 1) such that Mobilinc shows it in it's device "tab" because it currently doesn't present variables very effectively, IMO. For example, I can't set a variable to be a "favorite", and I would very much like to be able to more easily set a variable (to 0/1) when in Mobilinc, i.e. like using a switch.


I realize I may need to ask Mobilinc to make a change but I thought the easier route to get to what I wanted was being able to use some sort of virtual device in ISY that doesn't end up involving the PLM and adding unnecessary traffic to my insteon network. (I assume collision avoidance doesn't exist for X10 in the ISY PLM but is that true? - maybe I don't need to worry about it...)


Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Jonnyt, I did exactly the same thing with the X10 module just to see it in mobilinc. But now I just use a program as a favorite to toggle the variable.

- Jim

Oh yeah, thanks for mentioning that, Jim, I hadn't thought of it. I went ahead and created programs that report true if variable-to-monitor = 1, false otherwise and made them favorites. Unless I'm missing something, though, I have to have 2 programs/favorites per device, one to see the status and one to change it, which starts to make things a little crowded on my favorites screen. For now, I'm mostly interested in being able to see the state at a glance so I'll use it just for that. If I end up really wanting the full functionality before virtual devices are implemented, maybe I'll just go ahead and use X10 devices and hope the extra traffic doesn't interfere with real commands. Thanks again for posting.
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