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Can ISY994 Co-exist With Revolv?


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I believe you could run into the same issues running a Revolv/ISY combo you might have running a HouseLinc/ISY combo.


Each might think it is the sole master, and if you have to reset a device, only part of the configuration gets written to it when you restore.


That being said, they might get along just fine, so long as you don't have them walking all over each other. However, anything that the Revolv would do the ISY won't know about. Since ISY watches Insteon commands (and it knows how things are set up), when it sees a switch toggled, it knows what effect that has on other devices, and adjusts state internally. That potentially triggers programs, etc.


If Revolv sets up a scene, and a user toggles a controller, ISY won't know/understand what's happening, and not update, since it doesn't know about that scene in the first place.

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You are 100% correct! The only thing is that I am not yet certain whether or not Revolv can make scenes. If not, and if revolv is the last entry in the link table, then I do not think there will be any issues until such time that devices are restored (or modified) by ISY.



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