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SOLVED - Cannot start Dashboard or Admin Console from App


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Since the very first day I purchased the ISY 994 PRO I have never been able to start the Dashboard or Admin Console from the various download links here on the site. Aside from all the Java issues and security overrides it requires to make these Apps even start up on a Mac (10.9 Mavericks, Java 7 Update 55),

I have never managed to get anything but a NOT FOUND error in the initial Finder window that opens. Entering the fixed IP address or DNS name I setup for the ISY always leads to more INVALID URL error message.


My system is a Mac Mini setup as a OSX Server (running DHCP, DNS amongst other services), an Airport Extreme for NAT. My client machine is a MacBook Air also on Mavericks.


My ISY is at address and has a nice DNS name. The ISY 994 PRO is up and running and fully accessible through a web browser. Until now I have been using to get to the admin console and was able to do most of what I needed.


Just learned that I must use the dashboard for various settings tasks.


Here is where I am stuck. I can download the java apps for dashboard and admin console from the site here and can accept the various security exceptions to even get them to run, but the Finder always comes up empty, not matter what I try. Clicking the Add button always leads to an invalid URL error message, even when I copy paste the exact URL from the browser into it.


What am I missing?


(I am very computer literate, come from software development and manage my own home network, VPN, DHCP, DNS, but I am stuck with a little DYI home automation device...)

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Found the problem with the help from support.


The issues was that the local machines hostname was out of sync and missing in the local hosts file.


In my case the installation of OSX Mavericks Server (App from the App Store) took over control of the hostname without keeping the sharing hostname and the hostile in sync.


If you are running OSX Mavericks + the OSX server App, make sure you have the name of the local machine in sync in all three places (see screenshot).


Hope this helps others!


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