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Swimming Pool Temperature

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I recently purchased the DS18B20 to connect to an EZIO8SA. My plan was to monitor and control swimming pool water temperature. Searching for wiring schematics I found some disappointing information. From what I've read the ISY994i doesn't support that analog input.


It seems that the only options for reading temperature (without adding another communications protocol, i.e. z-wave) are the Insteon thermostat and its wireless partner. From what I can tell only the wireless thermostat supports a remote sensor that would allow me to monitor water temperature in a thermowell.


Am I missing something?

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I have just started to play around with the DS18B20's I am designing a total HVAC system because of my disgust with the Insteon Thermostats. Look at the OW server from Embedded Data Systems. That is what I am using. It provides a very simple http interface that will provide all sensor data in XML format. It has three ports for one wire daisy chains, with a total limit of 23 sensors (I assume memory issues). The ISY 99 with a network interface will be able to do that. Probably too expensive if all you want is a single sensor. My home will end up with about 10-202 sensors. I am interrogating the OW server from the iPads that are the UI to my HA system. The code was trivial to write using the CommandFusion iViewer and guiDesigner.

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I'm considering a similar project.


I have radiant heat throughout my house and each room is on a different zone. The Insteon thermostat is not designed for radiant heat so that's not going to work. If there was an inexpensive and reliable way to get temperature into the ISY994I I would make my own system.

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