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Awesome app on Android!



- more device icons like MS symbol, desk/floor lamp, squirrel cage blower fan,

- pull page down (or up) and release for manual update

- display of variables and system parameters, especially on "Favorites" (eg. $house_mode (= $AWAY/$OCCUPIED) etc..)

- more vertically compact device lists (option?) for small screen device list displays

- user defined titles for pages and/or sections


Thanks and all the best!

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How about, if we pay for the icon pack, we can design and drop in our own???

Even have us submit them back to you guys, so then you don't have to take your time developing graphics.


The icon pack is minimal at best, I mean so many light types....not to mention, your app is great for just the visual queues it allows for press and operate....so why cripple it viusally with a set of simple icons from the 70's?


So take home points:

  • Start creating more icons ...or
  • Let paid users create their own icons (for use locally on their devices)
  • Let paid users create icons and submit upstream for implementation in updates
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It is all based on an ROI, and if they have no real Android Developers, then that will be slow, if ever....not saying it is right, but saying it might be the case.

I thought I could build my own "portal" but apparently that is not correct that I have found....then I would write a mobile friendly page, use the icons and layout as I want....but I can't find a way to make that happen without some real haevy coding.

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Android allows us to create widgets on your home pages for quick access to specific devices or programs to allow turn on or off of devices, can we have them show true status? It would be great to look at these to see if specific lights are on or other points. How about a widget to show actual temperature from a thermostat? That would be so great? Anyone? Ideas? 


I did look at Abuttino's way of creating Icons, but I was unable to receive any icons to utilize from Mobilinc. Plus, the programming of Mobilinc with Tasker, and other programs were pretty complicated to be able to make this work. Not for the entry level at heart. 

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