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Can't Re-Add Yale Lock after Installing 4.2.2 Zwave FW 4.55


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I just updated my ISY994i to 4.2.2 SW and Z-wave FW 4.5.5.


While I was able to re-add my Z-Wave Aeotec Range Extender to the ISY994i I can no longer get the ISY994i to see/talk with my Yale lock that is ~20ft from the ISY994i controller?


Here is the procedure I am using:


1: On ISY994i UDA Console I Perform

1. Z-Wave --> Add a Z-Wave Device

2. Listening dialog box appears...


2: Procedure performed on the door lock:

1. Enter the 4-8 digit Master PIN code followed by the # key

2. Press 7 followed by the # key

3. Press 1 followed by the # key to include the door lock.


3: Check the ISY994i screen and I still see "Listening for Z-Wave Devices to add to the network".


I am stumped...


Any thoughts on what I can do to get my ISY994i to see my Yale Door Lock again over Z-wave?


Advise/assistance appreciated...



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