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KeypadLinc doesn't ramp SwitchLinc


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I have a KeypadLinc button and a 2477D in the same scene, both as added as Controllers (to make it work), but the ISY seems to make them both Responders as well.


1. When I press either button, the other goes on. When I press the SwitchLinc it ramps up at the 2 sec ramp rate I've set. But when I hit the KPL button, it acts like a fast on / fast off, bypassing the ramp rate.


2. If the light is on, and I press-and-hold the SwitchLinc to dim it all the way to zero, the KPL button light stays on. If I click the off position on the SwitchLinc again, then the KPL button light goes off.

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For #1, click on the KeypadLinc button name in Red below the ISY Scene name. Set the Ramp Rate as desired. In Insteon every Controller can have a unique set of On Level/Ramp Rate values for the Responders.


For #2, each device times the length of the Start Dim/End Dim sequence. It is possible for the SwitchLinc to physically turn Off before the KeypadLinc has decided enough time has passed between the Start Dim/End Dim, leaving the KeypadLinc button LED On. Hold the SwitchLinc Off paddle longer.


As an additional activity an ISY Program can be triggered when the SwitchLinc goes to Off and turn the KeypadLinc button LED Off.


EDIT: ISY assumes a Controller is also a Responder.

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