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I can't talk to my isy-99pro


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it wont see anything, and i can't even see it... it wont even reboot...

of course, that could be because those evil smarthome people haven't shipped it yet :x

of course, I guess why they haven't shipped it is because I also ordered a couple of those motion detector things (they looked cool, I couldn't help myself...), and they like to consolidate the shipping... I should of read the fine print :(


so, while I am waiting impatiently, is there anything i can do to make the wait less painful??? anything i should know to get ready?

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If you chose economy shipping; they do hold the order until complete.

Standard ground shipping allows you to ship partial and they send the remainder when in stock. But the remainder is economy with no insurance and tracking. So I always use Standard and don't ship partial. :roll:


Have you look in the great UDI Knowledgebase for data?

Helpful data even if the unit is not in your hands yet.


http://www.universal-devices.com/mwiki/ ... =Main_Page

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