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Thermostat question


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Hi Walter,


I do not think so but I could be wrong. The last time I read the specs, it only allowed for preset to be set (heat/cool setpoints) so that you could use your RL buttons to go to a preset.


I would appreciate any feedback since this is the next area we are going to work on.


With kind regards,





I am considering two thermostats for my home. Is it possible to directly hard link thermostat adapter with the RemoteLinc and be able to increase or decrease set point temp without ISY triggering program?


Thanks Walter

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I am hooking up a thermostat right now...just taking a break to eat.


Even if you could do this (which from what I read, you can't) how would know what the temperature is set to since there is no way to get feedback to the remotelinc anyway? Would you want to just push the button and lower the temperature one degree for each press?


This would be a cool feature, but I am not sure it would be very usefull if you didn't have someway of know what the temperature setpoint is.

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