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Notice about ISY firmware 4.2.18


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Please be cautious about updating your ISY to version 4.2.18 until your have loaded version 2.20.0 or higher of eKeypad.


A specific change in the ISY update has changed how HTTPS connections work. While this change was made to help improve the security of the ISY it also requires a change in eKeypad.


The changes have already been completed in eKeypad and are currently in testing. Unfortunately the ISY firmware has been released before we could finalize our update.




1. Delay updating your ISY

2. Connect using HTTP


In both scenarios the workarounds will only need to be used until keypad version 2.20.0 is released. Right now we estimate it to be available by the end of next week.


Please contact us using the support link within eKeypad if we can answer any additional questions or help you with any issues.


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