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So what do I need to replace?


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Noticed last night that no programs were running. The circuit that the PLM was plugged into had the GFCI tripped, but when I reset it the system still doesn't work. From ISY I can't call up any programs from the admin console, I get " error, Loading: /programs/"  and when I try to issue a request I get request failed. It started in what it said was "safe mode"; it wasn't able to restore the modem.

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That was my intial thought, but I thought I should be able to see and load programs if ISY was fine. I know sometimes SmartHome devices will spontaniously go bad, but does it make sense that a nuisance GFI trip could take one out? I'm less than impressed about the quality of SH devices; I've had about a half dozen fail. Sometimes leaving them unplugged for a couple of days will unbrick them, and sometimes not.


Of course I can find my old ISY-26 but not my old modem.

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On boot, if the ISY cannot talk to the PLM, then safe mode kicks in. That stops everything running - even programs. Scenes will function, as the ISY manages link records directly, so scenes are autonomous.


It sounds like you may have had a surge that took out hour PLM, and rebooted your ISY - resulting in where you are now.


If you want, you can install the 'Z-series' firmware. Its basically identical to the regular firmware, but does not check for a working PLM on boot.

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