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KeyPadLink programming All Off


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Now that my KeyPadLink is up and running )http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/14350-controllers-keypad-and-switch-losing-contact-with-receiver-switch/),I would to do a some programming.


I have done some searching, but I can't seem to figure out if this can be done......


The KeyPadLink will control various lights in my basement. The main On/Off controls the main lights (no load connected), but I was wondering if it's possible that the main OFF button could be programmed to be an All Off? In other words, I want the ON button to just turn on the Main lights, but the OFF button to be an "All Off" for all the lights. I plan on reserving one or 2 of the KeyPadLink keys to some party scenes, which will turn on more lights, but since the main OFF button is the easiest for everyone in the family to hit, You see, the majority of time I enter the basement, I only need to the main lights to turn on so the Main On switch is obviously perfect for that. However, when we're entertaining or we just happen to turn on other lights, I want the main Off button to just turn everything off. Is this possible?

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Change the mode to 8-button. Continue to use the 6-button frame.The buttons are now A-H. Include buttons A & B as controllers and responders for any scene and in programs. Do the same with buttons G & H for OFF. Also change the button mode for G & H to Non-Toggle-Off.


The Main On button will toggle the load.

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Another option is to use a program.   First create your all off scene. 

If control basement lights is switched off

Then (wait 3 seconds)

        set scene all basement lights off.


You may need to add a wait of 2-3 seconds to allow the traffic from the off command to just the main lights to clear.

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