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Help getting started with my new (to me) ISy-994i/IR-PRO


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Hi all.


Long story short, I helped a guy out with something, and in return he gave me this device (he knew I was looking to revamp my HA setup).  So he couldn't tell me much about the device, since he didn't do much with it.  He gave me the device, 2 Cat5e cables, and the power adapter.  No Insteon PLM.  


I opened the device up and to my surprise I find what I think is the Z-Wave module (which I need, since all I have at this time is Z-Wave).  Is this the Z-Wave module?  I notice mine has a mini-USB port which I didn't see on the Z-Wave module wiki post..





So the problem I'm facing is that when I plug in the device to power, the Error light keeps flashing.  According to the manual, this means a file system error.  I took out the SD card (1GB microSD), dd wiped it, and popped it back in.  Still blinks, but makes sense now.  Problem is, the device is not pulling DHCP.  If I plug a different device into that switch port, DHCP is pulling.  For this device, it is not.  So because of this, I can't access the UI to configure any of it.


Any ideas?  I see a microUSB port labeled "monitor"; can this be used somehow to set a static IP?



Lastly, is there any problem with me wanting to run this without the Insteon PLM?  For now, Z-Wave is all I care about.  If I add Insteon devices later, I have no problem buying the PLM.



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1. If you wiped the SD card there is no OS to operate you will need to follow the Wiki to install it. http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY-99i/ISY-26_INSTEON:Restarting_Your_ISY-99i


2. If you do not have a PLM you will follow the firmware update page and it tells you which one to use (without a PLM) this will allow you to connect to the device with out it going into safe mode which is why its crying and won't come up. http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/14926-release-4221-rc1-is-now-avaialble/


3. If the Z-Wave card was never installed you have several steps to complete after you first complete step 1 / 2. You will need to go to purchase modules in this case the Z-Wave one and pay the $1.00 to activate the internal Z-Wave module program.

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Hello tycoonbob,


From what I see in the picture, what you have looks like an engineering sample and not our production Z-Wave dongle. i am not at all sure who this guy is/was but it's definitely not a production unit. I wouldn't even dare say that it may work since it probably has a very old boot loader which does not allow certain functions. 


For the rest of your questions, Teken is right on!


With kind regards,


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