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IRLinc (2411R) - how to troubleshoot?


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Today I received my 2 new Credit Card transmitters from SmartHome.  The buttons don't seem very "stiff" compared to the ones that come with IRLinc.  But, assuming they are OK and just different, how do I link them to an existing IRLinc?


Also, I bought a 3rd IRLinc (2411R) and when I try to linc it's credit card remote, I hold the "To Scene" for about 5 seconds as instructed but the LED never goes off.  This worked flawlessly with my first two that I received about 2 weeks ago.  I checked the battery with a multi-tester and it is fine (3v).  How do I troubleshoot this?  Or has anyone had this issue and know what's going on?


Thanks and Happy New Year!

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