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Double Switchlinc for Bathroom Lights w/Fan


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Do you think we will ever see a double Switchlinc that would allow us to control two independent loads? A lot of bathrooms have a single gang box with a switch that controls the light and the ventilation fan independently. It would be nice to see a new Insteon product that would allow this. Currently you would need to use an 8 button keypadlinc (the first row would be ON for the light, second row would be OFF for the light, third row would be ON for the fan, 4th row would be OFF for the fan) and a micro on/off module that would be controlled by the 3rd and 4th row buttons on the keypad. 


Here is an example of what I'm talking about: 



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That's certainly a possibility. There's currently a two load Outlet On/Off module. Ideally, the two load switch would have one dimmer and one relay.


BTW, if you use a 6-button KPL, then the top and bottom rows could control the light and the second and third rows, the fan.


Here's a 4-button KPL:


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