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Network Module without PLM


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Okay, I know someone has to have covered this before... but after a number of searches and lots of false hits.. here goes:


My PLM died.  Dead.  Taps.  Ordered new one.  Delivery: Next Monday :(


I have some functions that use programs, variables and the network module.  No Insteon function at all.  However, I now have no programs are running at all (the my programs folder is empty) .  I can still see state variables being updated, etc.


Is this by design (and if so, why?) and if not, how do I fix it between now and Monday?  Is it due to 'safe mode' which is entered due to no PLM?


Detail:  My Autelis bridge and Dataloggers DIN rely on the network module and programs to run my heating.  Having or not having a PLM is irrelevant to that automation.



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Thanks.  I was running 4.2.17 when the PLM died.  I just grabbed the 4.2.18 from the link above.  Is this different than the "normal" firmware?  Do I need to reload to "standard" when a new PLM arrives?


Yes, once the PLM arrives you need to load the standard firmware and follow the wiki for replacing the PLM.

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