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Manually or Automatically Upgrade ?


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I always manually update because I want to have positive control of image installs.  There is no physical difference as far as the ISY is concerned.  Only Official releases are done automatically.  I never allow such a spread between what is installed and what is available.   I don't want to see an issue that has already been resolved in a later image.  


Some folks will sit on an older image until some issue surfaces or newer device support is needed.  There are folks running 3.3.10 on a 99i, even some have a 994i sitting in a box just in case.  


If you have no problems, staying with an old image avoids spending the few minutes to install each new beta image.


I guess it comes down to personal choice what you want to spend time doing.  I'm sure there will be strong views on both sides of the question.   Is Ford or Chevy better?

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