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Outdoor thermostat


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I don't know if you are interested in a full weather station but I use one and it lets me trigger programs not only on outside temperature but also on wind gust, humidity, etc.


I use a RainWise weather station (but any popular brand should work) which logs data to a simple .csv file using a program called Virtual Weather Station. I use my Stargate Home Automation controller to trigger a simple 1 line batch file to parse the values I want from the .csv file and populate variables within the Stargate controller. The Stargate then uses simple X-10 to trigger actions in the ISY.


You could easily substitute Homeseer for the Stargate or even create your own application to pull values from the .csv file and communicate directly with the ISY over the network.


I doubt if you will see an Insteon based outdoor temperature sensor any time soon. Thermostats and temperature sensors based on lighting protocols (Insteon, Z-Wave, etc.) have been very disappointing because they generally do not report changes often/quickly enough to be useful and in the case of thermostats, some do not even report manual setting changes. If you want to trigger something based on temperature or HVAC settings you will be much better served with a weather station or serial based sensors.

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