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Device and program logs


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What's the best way to log program execution and device activation? Do I need to leave the admin console open or can I log in after an incident and capture the data?


I've been having some inconsistent program operation lately when I enter my "home" geofence, and it seems not all devices, such as my door lock activating. Individual device commands seem to work okay, and so do running the programs directly, but like the singing frog in Looney Tunes, the problem only presents itself when I'm not looking for it. I hope to configure a running troubleshooting log to confim the chain of actions as follows:


  1. iphone enters geofence
  2. state variable changes
  3. applicable programs execute
  4. device commands sent
  5. device commands acknowledged and acted upon.
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The 2 thru 5 are simple to test with the Admin Console open and watching the programs run and watch the event viewer when you manually change the state variable. I'm not sure the best way to test 1 with an iPhone other than checking the state variable after the fact or have the ISY send a notification whenever the state variable changes.


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As I've mentioned, it's inconsistent. I've watched the log while running the programs manually and nothing unusual stands out. And of course, all devices activate as they're supposed to.It's only been when I haven't been around the admin console when this pops up.

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