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Cannot restore my ISY994iPro


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Over the past week or so, the programs on my ISY994iPro seemed to be dead.

Today I backed up my programs from the ISY, updated the software and now I am trying to restore the software, but once the admin console opens up, all tool bar buttons and menu items (including 'Help') are disabled and I am unable to do anything.

The only menu item that is still  enabled and active is File -> Exit :x


I have cleared the Java cache, but it made/makes no difference

Any help will be most appreciated

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There are several possibilities here.


First, Reboot the ISY.  On occasion, they seem to hang on the restart after a firmware upgrade.  Power cycling will resolve this.


Second, temporarily turn off any AV or Firewall software running on your computer.  If that solves the problem, you will need to exclude the ISY's IP address from the firewall. 


After you cleared the Java cache, did you download a new Admin console applet from the Firmware upgrade post?  If not, do that and try again.


Hope this helps.



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Thank you, Xathros,

I have reset the module several times, cleared the cache several times

I have downloaded and am running the new Java Admin console.

When I run the console & log in, I can see the menu etc for about 10 seconds then all tool bar buttons and menu items are greyed, except for exit.

If I move fast, I can open the help - about dialog and it tells me that internet access is disabled - see the attached screenshot.




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Try running the Admin Console for 4.2.18 so your ISY firmware level matches the Admin Console. Not sure 4.2.30 Admin Console is compatible with 4.2.18 ISY.


The Internet Disabled simply means the File | Enable Internet Access has not been used. It does not mean the router has not been set up for ISY remote access which is the preferred method.

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Clear the java cache again then goto:


http:// <your.isy.ip.address>/admin/admin.jnlp


Save the download and then run it, this will install a 4.2.18 version of the Admin console.  Log in with that and see how it goes.


I would recommend upgrading the ISY firmware to 4.2.30 once you get in.



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Thank you both.

After I reset the cache, if I work fast enough I can get the 'about' dialog and it tells me it is

Insteon_UD994 v.4.2.18 ( 2014-10-30-08:07:30 ) for both Firmware & UI


Then, after about 10 seconds, all I can do is quit. :-(

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