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GE/Jasco 45605 Duplex outlet issues


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I am just about done with my transition from Vera 3 to ISY994

I have 3 of these GE/Jasco 45605 duplex outlets that are included in the Zwave network

all 3 "work" as in I can turn the outlet on and off.

All 3 frequently report back a "ERR=1" communication issue and become a red ! in the network.

Have tried having a repeater next to them, moving the ISY next to them etc

after a heal they initially report working, then, the dreaded ERR=1

Does anyone else have them working correctly ??

Any other ideas I can try ??

Thanks in advance




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Hi Barry,


I have the same problem with these devices and so far have not been able to find any rhyme or reason why they intermittently report error. Please note that if you don't have any loads attached, it might actually send an error back.


Do you frequently query them or is the error there when you turn them on/off?


With kind regards,


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I originally  had them being controlled via a program  "If brultech variable channel X is < 110 watts turn off"

and "If Brultech variable channel X is >300 watts turn on"

I disabled those programs and now get the communication error shortly after I command on or of, and randomly for no apparent reason (may be launching the UDI webpage)

I never saw this error when they were controlled by the Vera3, But the Vera may have not been reporting the issue or it was buried in a log that didn't display

Well I feel a little less stupid now, thanks for confirming the issue


I hate to loose them are repeaters, but will probably replace them with Insteon


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