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Reboot ISY


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If the PLM is over two years old. I would suspect it is on the way out. They have a reputation of failing.

Check the LED and see if it is On and Green.

If the link database is corrupt or is empty. If the ISY reports it is in the Safe Mode. Both are indications the PLM is failing.

Having to constantly reboot. Also indicates the PLM is failing.

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I will go there Thursday to see what version PLM.


Only insteon devices. No zigbee or zwave

Check out something like SnapAVs "auto heal" function on their WattBoxes. The WattBox pings the ISY IP and can't "see it" (IE the ISY is not responding via the IP) it will auto reboot the outlet by itself. Theres also a free app (OvrC)or direct via the web that allows you to connect remotely to the WattBox and reset any of the outlets you want saving you from rolling out a truck to the customers home. Feel free to ask me if you have any additional questions answered. SnapAV products can only be sold by dealers though. Panamax and their bluebolt products have similar features just not sure about the auto heal. You can also get automated emails/notifications sent to you per customer before they even call to fix them yourself automatically saving time and energy. This is not an end all solution as you need to find out why the ISY is freezing up but its possible it could be a nice help on future installs you do as failsafe.

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