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Trouble getting GE Outdoor Module recognized


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Hi all,


I just got a box of goodies from Amazon...


1st up is the GE 45604.


My hub is working fine but I can't seem to get it to recognize the GE.


I am in the SAME room! 


FWIW It had not issues immediately identifying a Leviton on/off switch.


Any help appreciated!




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Hi xKing - 


Did that. Will try again though.


FWIW just added a Leviton dimmer plug & it was recognized in a second or two and seems to be operating fine.



Ok, got it. Linked normally. I guess it had to be really close to the hub! (8 feet in this case.)


Appears to be working fine after being moved about 20 feet away through an inside wall, a kitchen cabinet full of canned goods, a dishwasher, sink, and another interior wall (in a straight line). Just need something to hook up to it outside now :)

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