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Network PUT Aeotec HEMv2 power to SEG resource


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I'm trying to learn from Teken and post power to SEG.


I have the HEMv2 connecting to the ISY-994i ZW/Pro, firmware 4.2.30 installed, and the Network Module.


I have my SEG account setup and understand the api keys.


I'm trying to access the HEMv2 output in my Network Resource.


I don't know if I need to store the power values in a variable, then access with ${var.x.x}.


I would like to just access the sensor directly like ${ZW_Power.Power} or ${ZW_Power.Voltage}


I've looked for documentation on accessing that, but I can't seem to find anything.


Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks, Jeb

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Hi jebc4,


If you go to /rest/nodes/<your node address> you will see a list of properties that you can use in the resource.


With kind regards,



Thanks for the tip!


If I goto http://ip.isy/rest/nodes/ZW005_1/ST

The output is:

<property id="ST" value="275914" formatted="2759.14 Watts" uom="73" prec="2"/>
How do I use get just the value into a Network Resource PUT request? (and trigger on changes or every 30 seconds).
(and if I want to use variables, do I need to upgrade to 4.3.3RC?)
Sorry for so many questions... I'm just excited to see what I can get this ISY to do.
And if there is better place for this discussion, please let me know.
Thanks for the help.  Jeb
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Hello Jeb,


For the benefit of others please note you do need a state variable for all devices you wish to send to SEG. You will also need a program that links the network resource to the state variable(s).


The ISY Series Controller needs to be at a minimum of 4.3.1 and 4.3.3 moving forward supports this ability. The set up guide references all the required steps and procedures here: http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/16095-autelis-bridge-pushing-data-to-smart-energy-groups-seg-guide/


I've already replied back to your PM.

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Ok -- updated to 4.3.3RC to push state variables in the Network Module.


After re-reading your excellently documented posts, I would diagram your system like this:

1. Autelis reads sensor data.

2. Autelis sends sensor data over ethernet to ISY (and ISY stores that data into a state variable).

3. ISY program runs Network Resource and puts state variable in PUT request to SEG.


I should be able to do step 3 with ISY firmware 4.3.3 now.


However, I'm still stuck at getting zwave data into a state variable.

My ISY has the data I need (internally and at http://ip.isy/rest/nodes/ZW005_1/ST)I just don't know how to read that into a state variable.


You had to setup the Autelis to push data into the ISY, I have the data internally, and I just can't figure out how to access it.


Can I make a network resource read a url (that is self hosted) and set a state variable?


Thanks for all the help -- and as soon as I can get my internal data into a state variable, I know your writeup on step 3 will make the rest a cakewalk.



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You can substitute    " ${sys.node.ZW005_1.ST.raw}"  for the variable and and just send the network resources at a fixed time, this would send the current watts being used 






Thanks so much -- I couldn't find that anywhere.


I will try this in a bit.  Jeb

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You can substitute    " ${sys.node.ZW005_1.ST.raw}"  for the variable and and just send the network resources at a fixed time, this would send the current watts being used 






It's working great Jimmy!  Thanks!


I also have this one network resource posting multiple data points at once because I'm polling sys.node.xxx (and see the tip below for auto stream creation on SEG).


One last question -- I have 2 energy monitors (one on a subpanel).  I'd like to subtract one from the other before sending like:

${$sys.node.ZW005_1.ST.raw - $sys.node.ZW002_1.ST.raw}

or ${sys.node.ZW005_1.ST.raw - sys.node.ZW002_1.ST.raw}

or ${${sys.node.ZW005_1.ST.raw} - ${sys.node.ZW002_1.ST.raw}}

but I can't figure out the syntax.


I can work with what I've got, but that would be nice to figure out.


On another note, to save some steps from Teken's guide, SEG will auto create streams if you prefix it right (you can change the names later).

See API Discovery at the bottom of https://smartenergygroups.com/api 


And lastly I need to figure out how often to call this network resource.  Is every 30s too much data or too little?

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