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Strange problem


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I have the following program set, to make sure the porch lights do not go out between sunset and 10pm.



• "From Sunset

"To 9:00:00PM (same day)


• Set 'Outside - Front Porch Lights' On



Works perfect, if I walk over and turn off the switch lights go back on. I have this set for several exterior lights.


The problem.


I have a KPL switch that will turn on all the exterior lights, including the above. When I hit the switch to turn off all those lights, the above lights go out, and then back on, but then back off again.


Any idea why that KPL button is making my lights go back off again, and why the ISY doesn't recognize those lights are off?


The other lights with the same program do not have this problem.


Thanks in advance.

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If you have and older version of PLM, you might have run out of links. By adding/removing, you just overwrote a previous link (which may cause another device to exhibit the same issue).


Did this happen recently or was this always the case?


With kind regards,



I went into the scene for that KPL and removed the front porch lights, and put it back.


Works without a problem.


Still interested in your thoughts what might have caused this?

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