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High Temp Monitor


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I had a problem with my oil burner last year where the igniter died so the furnace wouldn't start.  Wife didn't notice problem and one of my loops froze befor I could fix the igniter.  What product could I use to monitor copper pipe temperature and set an alarm if it goes below 140 degrees (I think the furnace is set to keep the water temp 160 to 180).


Any help appreciated.




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If you have more points to monitor and/or want ISY to be in control of notifications to your mobile or email you could use the cheap ($1.99) 1wire probes with an Autelis box, WC8 or Rpi with adapter. More complex but if you want to monitor several temperature points it could be a fun project for you. Probably looking at the $100-$160 range all done with enclosure etc.

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