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Best way to confirm a program worked/light came on?


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I pretty much only use Z-Wave if that changes anything so no instant status.  I have a bunch of timer programs, pretty straightforward, like "If time is sunset, then set Living Room Lamp to ON" and then another "If the time is 3am, then set Living Room Lamp to OFF", basic.  I'd like to send a notification when the lamp has come on, but I want it to actually confirm the lamp is on, not just be "If the time is sunset, then set Living Room Lamp to ON and Send Notification" type thing, since it could fail turning on and I feel like the notification would still send?


I was thinking it would be something like after turning it on, run the THEN portion of another program that says "Wait 10 seconds" and then queries the lamp or something but getting confused how to do it properly without it triggering all the time.  I'd still need something to confirm it is on.  So thought another program "If the Living Room Lamp is not off" then "Send notification" etc, but wouldn't that trigger any time the lamp is just turned off at any time?  Or no since no instant status?  Figure other option is no IF, just "Then: Wait 10 seconds, query Living Room Lamp, enable program 'Next Check", run IF on 'Next Check'" and then have a program called Next Check or whatever that says "If the lamp is not off, send notification?"  Not sure, figure this has been done before so don't want to reinvent the wheel.  Thanks!

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Great that is easier.  Do I need to do anything to poll Insteon if I ever add more devices?  Most are Z-Wave so I have a program that queries them every 30 seconds for status since they aren't instant so I assume that's when this would trigger but do I need a similar one for Insteon or does it just know when it can't be reached right away?

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