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Clear a Stuck Program


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I have a program in my controller that is no longer relevant.  I tried to delete it, but it keeps executing.  I removed all devices and scenes related to the program, re-added them and re-configured everything, but the program continues to execute.  I've rebooted the controller, and the program still executes.


In case it's relevant, I had a set of pool lights that, when you turned them on, if you turned them off and back on again, they would change colors.  So, I programmed them such that when I turned on my pool light key pad button, it turned the lights on, waited, turned them off, waited and turned them back on.  I have since replaced the lights.  The new lights don't require these actions to create a light show.  But, despite having taken the actions above, when I turn the lights on, they turn off and back on again.


Can anyone help?

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  • Yes, when I deleted the program, it disappeared from the left side.
  • Yes, having just logged back on (first time in ~20 hours), I can confirm that the program is still gone from the left hand side.  I can also confirm that the program still appears to be running (i.e. when I turn the lights on, they turn on, wait, turn off, wait and turn on).
  • I don't recall if I saved the changes after deleting the program.  I just did it now, but the behavior is unchanged.

Any other thoughts?  Thanks.

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