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Constant Login Requests


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Have been using the ISY for a year or so (currently on version 4.2.18) a few days ago I made some modifications to a program and now I am getting constant requests to authenticate, when I do it comes back but sometimes the admin console closes (load programs status bar appears then admin console closes).  I also noticed that the data for the climate module is not there any longer. Any help appreciated.

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That usually indicates your Java cache needs to be cleared of duplicate files.


Use the Control panel, Java and make sure you select all options before delete.

Ok just did that as well, he is another stumper that I currently have.  My remote access used to work now it does not.  The ports are still forwarded and open when I just checked, however when I get to the ISY screen it never allow me to log in (it just says Load Config and above it it says timeout, loading: /config/) any suggestions ?

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