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Controlling Z-Wave dimmer with Insteon dimmer


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I am using an ISY-994i (no Z-Wave) and all Insteon devices in my home at the moment. I recently installed dimmable LED track lighting, but Insteon dimmers (either the SwitchLinc or InLineLinc) have a hard time dimming the LED without creating a lot of flicker and buzz. On the suggestion of the LED manufacturer, I tried a Leviton Vizia rf+ dimmer, which performs much better when dimming the track lighting.


Now, I would like to use an Insteon dimmer as a controller for the Leviton dimmer that is actually driving the load. From what I've read, if I upgrade my ISY with the Z-Wave module, I can set up a scene in the ISY that will at least allow me to the Leviton dimmer on and off. Some questions before I go down this path:

  1. Will the ISY also pass through brighten and dim commands from the Insteon device to the Z-wave device?
  2. Is there a lot of latency for brighten/dim, or can I reasonably expect to be able adjust the brightness using the normal Insteon press-and-hold?
  3. Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks for any replies.

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