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Schlage FE599 pairing error


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I have a couple Schlage FE599 lock sets and I haven't been able to get them to pair up with my ISY994i. I have some Schlage deadbolts that pairs up and are working fine but when I try to pair the FE599's, it starts pairing and the green light flashes on the locker like the pair was successful but the devices never show up in my ISY console. When I checked the ISY log, I see where it tried to pair but then give an error that says "cannot get manufacturer specific data." I have tried excluding the devices and then adding them again but this has made no difference. I wasn't able to find anything with that specific error message when I did a quick search. Any help would be much appreciated.



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I have a similar issue with these locks (FE599)

Originally it took me a while to pair them, I had to do a factory reset of the locks and then they would pair.

Recently, I've had nothing but trouble with the Z-wave portion of this setup.

This evening I decided to work on a lock that couldn't communicate with the ISY, I excluded it, and that part worked fine.

When I tried to include it again, it never worked, but trying to include it a second time, it told me that the lock needed to be excluded first.

I did this song and dance about 10 times before giving up.  

My other lock (FE599) that works a little bit better constantly losses connection to the ISY.  My Zwave garage door opener doesn't work either.

Very frustrating.

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A solution, as reported by several posters including myself, is the Aeon Gen 5 Siren. You don't need to activate the siren, but as a Z-Wave repeater nothing else even cones close.

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