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2334-222 Doesn't show as Dual-Band in admin console


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Not sure if this is the correct place for this question but here it is: Is there a reason that the DB KPLs (2334-222) do NOT show up in the ISY admin console as dual-band devices in the name?  It seems slightly confusing since almost all other devices show up with this indicator.  It shows up as "(2334-2) KeypadLinc Dimmer 8 Buttons v.XX"

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The v.43 Dual Band Keypad Dimmer does not say Dual Band.   Makes no difference.   There is no change in commands used by the ISY whether the device title indicates Dual Band or not.  The application (ISY in this case) does not actually care whether the device is Dual Band or not.  All RF processing is done automatically inside the device without any knowledge of the application (ISY in this case).


You can change the device name to include the words Dual Band but that could make the device name too long to display Keypad name and button function.  

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