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Aeotec Home Energy Meter


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Just purchased iSY994i ZW/IR PRO to replace my Insteon Hub (amazing the difference) and I am trying to add my first Z-Wave device which is the Aeotec Home Energy Meter (version 2). I've tried to exclude first and then include. I even moved the device right next to the hub and still cannot get it to recognize it. Does anyone know if there is a comparability issue or could I possibly have a defective device?


version info attached




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I have the same energy meter and it's working great. Before concluding it's defective it would be good to get a first Z-Wave device successfully connected to your ISY.


Steps you may have already tried:


1. On ISY: Z-Wave / Advanced / "Factory Reset Z-Wave dongle" since this is a new Z-Wave installation and to start in a known state.

2. On ISY: Tools / Diagnostics / Event Viewer to see Z-Wave activity.

3. On ISY: Z-Wave / "Add/Include a Z-Wave Device"

4. On energy meter: press the Z-Wave action button; its light should go on for 3 seconds if successful, or blinking if unsuccessful.


If this doesn't work you could let us know what you see and what's in the event viewer.

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