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Amazon Fire TV with Alexa


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I have an Amazon Fire TV (Ethernet connected to my network) that I am able to give commands to Alexa and also works with Amazon's new Alexa app. I also have the ISY 994ir and have been thinking about purchasing the ISY Portal. Since Amazon Fire TV is very similar to Echo would I be able to configure my Amazon Fire TV to communicate with my ISY 994ir. I know I am probably out in left field on this but just wondering if this is possible or possible be available at a later date. I could purchase Amazon's Echo but since my Amazon Fire TV does about the same thing it would be great if I could control my lights ect using the Fire TV.


Thanks as always on the terrific support I receive on this forum.





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You are correct in that you do not need an Echo. But you still need to purchase the portal and you are restricted to issuing commands using the included Bluetooth microphone which has a range of less than 30'.

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