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Text Messages: From as email address not number, causes problem?


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Hi all,


I have a particular problem I'm trying to fix with regards to receiving a text message from the ISY994 to Android (a Samsung Note 4) on the Sprint network.


I should state that at one point everything worked as it should but at some point (can't remember when, but think it was when I made some changes on phone) the issue started to happen.


First, let me describe how I normal setup my notifications on my phone.



Since our smartphones are forever notifying us of particular events happening, the built-in notification sounds do not provide enough information for me to actual know what the reason for being notified.


So what I do is make 'custom' notification/ringtone souns.


I use a program called 'Talkadroid' which is available at Google's Play Store. I'm sure there is something similar on iOS fo iPhone users.


Talkadroid allows me to type in any phrase or sentence and convert that typed text into a notification or ringtone sound.


Talkadroid uses Android's built-in Text to Speech voices.


I have loaded the English from he United Kindom, because a British voice is so much cooler than the American voice which sounds like your from Brooklyn.


Because Android (not sure if iPhone has this feature) allows you to set a custom 'ringtone' and more important to me, a custom 'text message' tone.


So for example if I get a text message fom my friend 'Michael', the custom message tone for Micheal plays and it says via voice 'Robert, you just received a text message from Michael' in that British voice.


Better yet, when I get a text message from Amazon, the text meesage tone for Amazon is: 'Robert, youjust got a text message from Amazon'.


I accomplish this because I created a contact in my address book named Amazon, I added the from number as a phone number, all messages coming from Amazon come from the number '262966'. At least that is the number I see from Amazon.


That way when it looks at the 'from' address and its in my contact list and I have setup a custom text message tone, it will play that tone instead of the default message tone, which is also a custom tone.


Every application on my phone that does notification and allows for me to change the notification sound, I havemade a custom notification tone.


That way when I get notifacation sounds coming frommy phone I know exactly what they are for, no guessing. No remembering all these bult-in tones.


Ok, now on to the problem.


My tones work correctly for all my incoming text messages and recently the only one that is not working correctly is from the ISY994.


And I believe I know the reason, the text message from the ISY994 are no longer coming from a 'number' but an email address?


Somehow I made a change on the ISY994 or maybe with one of the ISY994 firmware upgrades, it stopped sending using the number and instead is using the Google eMail address I made for the ISY994 when I have it send alerts to thar particular email address?


Does anyone know how to fix?


Thank You



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