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"I've found several devices matching that name"


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I have a scene that controls multiple lights at the same time. The spoke name for this scene is "All patio lights"


When I ask "Alex, turn on all patio lights", alexa responds with "I've found several devices matching that name, which one did you mean?". 


I then repeat myself and say "all patio lights" and it responds correctly. Alexa is hearing my request correctly, according to the history in the app, yet I have to repeat myself before it responds correctly. (Note: I also have a device called "Patio Light" which will turn on a single light in a scene and Alexa responds to this one correctly" 


Is there any way to correct this, other than to change the spoken name of the scene to something less unnatural, which will not help me with the WAF of this implementation :)

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Even after removing the other scene for "patio lights" it still responded with the "I've found several devices matching that name, which one did you mean?".


I also have scenes with the following phrases:

Patio Outlet

Patio Fan


Once I removed the "Patio Outlet" and "Patio Fan" spoken words from a different scene, it responded correctly. 


If I say "All Patio Lights" it shouldn't tell me there are any other devices "matching" that name just because there are other scenes that have the word "patio" in it. 

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I have what seems to be a similar problem. I had two groups in Connected home "Guest Day" and "All Day." Until I removed the word "Day" from "Guest Day" I would receive the "I've found several devices matching that name" error upon issuing a command to turn on or off.

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I had a similar situation with "light" and "bright light." Over time, Alexa got them correct. In fact, at this point, the Echo responds correctly to voicing only 'bright." In particular, "Alexa, turn the bright on," works even though the spoken is bright light.


Make an effort to enunciate clearly. After a while you'll be able speak more naturally. Apparently, the Echo does learn. Also, make sure that you don't accidentally say, "turn all the patio lights"

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