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My Echo discovered my Rainmachine


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I turned on my rain machine a couple of days ago and when I ran discover devices today, Echo picked up all the programs and zones, identifying all of the as WeMo switches!


Echo support was no help.  RainMachine is password protected and stand alone in my system, but somehow Echo got in.


Has anyone seen this happen? 







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I didn't try to control the zones.  The log in is different than the ISY.


I contacted RainMachine, they are working on native integration with Echo but its not ready yet.  However the default setting appears to be 'enable' for Echo integration...  To disable you have to log into the device via a web app not the phone app and clear the check mark on Echo integration. I had never logged on via a browser. I have always used the phone app.  There are a lot more settings available from the web page.


So I'm all set and the good news in all of this is that they are working on native integration.

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