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DSC alarm and I/O linc


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I am attempting to connect my IOLINC to a DSC alarm, and was wondering if anyone had a step-by-step wiring diagram or explanation of what needs to be connected.


There are previous posts, but they are a little vague on the exact wiring side-  I have some experience with the DSC, and can program the PGM output, but need the wiring.


I know a resistor is required, I assume due to the 12v vs. 5v on the IOLINC?


Thanks in advance! 

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NO you need a dry closure. No external voltage should be put on the Sensor Input.

The I/O Linc has a 5 volt signal on its Sensor Input that you pull to the Ground terminal on it.

A relay controlled by a 12 volt signal from the DSC controller would do the trick. If the DSC panel does not have any dry contact outputs.


Both of the two relays below. Have a diode across the relay coil to protect the DSC panel 12 Volt DC output. When switched on and off from inductive voltages from the coil.


This ELK Relay will do both 12 and 24 volts DC.



This one 12 volts DC only.



You would use the 12 volt DC output to control the relay. Then use the relay's Common connected to the I/O Linc ground terminal and the Normally Open to the I/O Linc Sensor Input. When the 12 volts DC pulls in the relay. It will turn the Sensor Input On.

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