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Lights flashing during Insteon communication


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Hi There


I have a Keypadlinc dimmer connected to a pair of LED lights.  Quite often when any Insteon command is sent the lights blink quickly off then on.  I have done some research indicating that there may be a device option called Blink on Traffic, but I can't seem to find where this option can be configured.  Can anyone direct me?





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Blink on traffic affects the set button LED. If you mean the load blinks (LED bulbs), a different brand may help. Try the LED bulbs on a different Insteon dimmer, if you have one installed.

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Only my most recent keypadlinc, at FW v.43, has the option, name 'LED on TX'. As stu states, it causes the set button to blink to traffic when enabled. My older keypads, with lower FW versions, do not have the option. 


If your kepad has this feature, there will be an "Options" button in the bottom panel when you select it under Main in the admin console.


After eliminating the LED lights as the problem, you could try a reset. Keypads can get flaky with age/use. Periodically I've had to factory reset them and then "restore device". You could try that, it doesn't take long. 



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