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My PLM died and I bought a new one. What should I do next?

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There is a specific wiki procedure to replace/restore the 2413 PLM on your ISY and its important that you follow the steps exactly. Though the Restore Modem command is automated, what it does is complex and much more than a simple appliance swap. Your part to play is taking your time and being prepared. Read the procedure and this post all the way through before beginning.  Replace Modem and Restore Modem are the same procedure and the terms used interchangeably.  On the admin console, its named Restore Modem. 


Note that wireless, battery powered Insteon devices like sensors and Remotelincs need to be visited in person, one at a time, and updated by putting each into linking mode and then issuing a "Write pending updates", by right clicking on the device in the admin console. 


The Restore PLM creates an unusually high amount of acknowledged Insteon traffic to do its job and as a result collisions may prevent all wired devices from fully updating. Affected devices will have a green 1010 icon next to them, and addressed as described in the wiki article. In rarer cases, there may be a icon next to a device after the procedure completes. A factory reset of the Insteon Device followed by a "Restore Device" is suggested when this happens (Do not delete the device in the ISY). The device's Insteon pdf manual will describe how to factory reset.


If you still have problems, forum under Insteon Communication Issues, or contact UDI Support.


Never use the Delete Modem (PLM) command under the file menu unless you are instructed to do so.

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