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Motion Sensor 2842-222 v.24 Low Bat


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I have several Motion Sensors 2842-222 v.24 and I have noticed that whenever the Low Bat status turns on. I can't reset it back to off even though I have replaced the battery.


The only way I have found so far that works is to delete the sensor and re-add it again to the system.


Has anyone else seen this issue? Is there something I am not doing that I should?

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After replacing the battery, set the MS to linking mode and query it. Another solution is to use a program to update the sensor:


IN Front Hall Sensor
        Control 'IN / Devices / IN Front Hall-Sensor' is switched On
        Set 'IN / Devices / IN Front Hall-Sensor' Write Device Updates
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')
I actually have the program disabled (to save the battery) and I run [THEN] when needed.

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