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Problems with my ISY994i - Stopped Communicating Last 2 Nights!


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I have had my ISY for some time now and I started encountering problems last night! (I am on version 4.3.26)


All of a sudden, last night, the ISY was no longer communicating! The programs stopped working and I couldn't ping the ISY on my network! So I went down and unplugged and then plugged it in again. Similarly, I did the same to the PLM. After a while it started up and everything seemed normal.


Then this evening, the same thing happened again! This time I looked at the ISY LED's and saw that, other than the power light, the only light working was the slow blinking of the memory LED!  


I rebooted the ISY again and everything seems normal in that I can access the devices through Mobilinc. For a while, after this latest reboot, I could not get access through the Admin Console - it would start up, allow me to login and then close! After about 15 minutes I was then able to get in through the Admin Console. I quickly made a backup of the ISY since I have made a lot of program changes over the last few days!


Given that I cannot ping the ISY over my home network during these problems I believe that this eliminates the bad PLM issue.


Any thoughts on what is going on or how I debug this?

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I don't see your LED pattern in the WIKI page but you may want to look at it for hints.


You may want to power down the system and reseat the SD Card.


Though I would also suspect any 2413S PLM hardware version below 2.0 and over two years old a highly suspect.


It could be possible the ISY994i is trying to do something with the PLM and it is crashing.

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If you PLM is close to or beyond two years old, then it's time for a replacement.


I bought my latest PLM May 25, 2015... that would be significantly less than 2 years!


On the back of the PLM  it shows:






In the Admin Console it shows: 


39.0.C2 v9E / Connected



I had a look at the error log for Tuesday and Wednesday (see attached)... Note that I restarted the system on Tuesday evening at 10:32pm and 11:03pm on Wednesday. I assume that something is amiss if the 'Buffers Free:  0'... right?



Any more thoughts given these error messages?

ISY Error Tuesday and Wednesday.txt

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